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  1. Laila Ghattas January 11, 2018 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    Thank you Mo.
    Especially for the gifts in your articulation of ‘committed acceptance’.
    After watching videos of your lectures, interviews and listening to your audio book, a beautiful reframing of my life emerged.
    I wrote this story in which I give you credit for the inspiration and clarity, and hope it will send further ripples out to the billion…
    Thank you so much,
    Laila Ghattas

  2. Eric Sanders January 8, 2018 at 5:24 pm - Reply

    To,Mo Gawdat
    My name is Eric Sanders and I lost my son Eric R Sanders on August 13th 2015- I can truly relate regarding a death of losing a beautiful son. My son and I at the time only lived for the positive and loving side of life. Since he has passed I’m still happy for those that can have happiness. Smiling is easy and laughing at a joke or two is easy but their is a reality of life and that’s the LOVE
    a parent has for a child. Happiness is what most of us grieving parent will mask on the outside but, the high level of LOVE we have with the child we lost is the inner sorrows we truly battle with. Being a grieving father is a topic this world may miss because a man isn’t suppose to break. Well I’m a grieving father like you so I know in understand. Peace Blessing and Love always

  3. Nancy Joy Chapman January 7, 2018 at 4:00 am - Reply

    Dear Mo,
    First, may I say I am so sorry for your loss. Yet in the same breath, I am so happy for you as you are blessed to have the privilege of being the father, best friend and apprentice of Ali. How much you would have missed without any knowledge of it had you not had Ali for 21 1/2 years.
    I believe he is enjoying your fun and growth as you follow his encouragement. I believe he is watching your every move and delighting and reveling in it.
    I am grateful to Ali for what you have given me. I smile as I think of him though I never had the pleasure of meeting him.
    A dear friend sent me the You Tube of your talk in the Netherlands on Dec. 17. It so impressed me I looked immediately for more.
    I have been delighted with what I heard. I have listened to at least 20 hours of your talks on You Tube. Am on my second round of your talks to the Stanford students.
    I got tears in my eyes as while Face timing as I told my son and daughter in law about your book today and how impressed I am. Played it off at that moment as hormonal change. Then I messaged them and wrote,”Believe it or not these tears are due to feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for all I have and all there is.”
    My middle name is Joy. I had no ‘need’ for your book yet have delighted in all you had to share. Just late this afternoon I shared it with 5 people.
    Your website was down for maintenance when I tried to increase the count by one but I will try again.
    In my life there are 9 people (that I can think of at this moment) that I thought I would really like to meet even if all I got was 60 seconds with them to tell them how much I appreciate them and the way they have/are making a difference; Barack Obama and Michelle, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Alberto Villoldo and Don Minguel Ruiz. Funny, my list kept growing as I pondered it. Kept having to change the number. You went on my short list. See, Ali, just now went on my list too; the number changed again. I know he would have enjoyed knowing my son while in a physical body who I feel the same about as I you feel about your Ali.
    I know you will succeed in your goal and Ali’s name will live forever and he will continue to glow with delight as he enjoyes following his Dads path on this earth.
    With great appreciation and joy for the person you choose to be who inspires greatness.
    Nancy Joy
    P.S. will definitely get your book when Stateside.

  4. BM January 6, 2018 at 5:51 am - Reply

    Dear Mo,

    I can’t explain how amazing your words have been for me. I feel as though this knowledge lived somewhere inside of me because it sparked as soon as I read the words as if someone had shaken this 21st century sulking right out of me. I have lived a blessed life, I’m 31 happily married with a healthy 3 year old daughter. I have a close relationship with my parents, sisters, brother. I have moved and lived in many different countries in my life and I have been stuck in constantly comparing my present situation to one I perceived to be better in the past. Often very shallow, like better weather in a previous city or nicer architecture. It sounds incredibly shallow but this has actually caused serious depression. Thank you so much Mo for helping me make the voice shut the duck up and work towards strengthening my control over my perspective. Thank you Ali for bringing this peace within me and spreading joy.

    With love from Canada!

  5. sicebile January 5, 2018 at 3:08 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for the work you’re doing Mo. I’m trying to figure out how one can go about reconciling happiness and productivity. In the past three years after a few traumatic events, I’ve done a fair amount of reading on happiness and how gratitude, stillness and living in the moment contribute to happiness. in your talk at Google (I’m South African so I don’t know which city you were in) you said eliminating the 6 grand illusions, recognising the 7 defects and ultimately seeing the 5 grand truths helps us see the true reality of things and ultimately leads to productivity “the best among us are the ones who see things for truly what they are and make decisions based on that, not what we think the truth is but rather what the truth really is” you said (I’m paraphrasing) this made a great impressiin on me and as a fairly pragmatic guy I feel there’s great merit to being happy as a competetive advantage as well. However I still haven’t quite figured out how in a practical day to day way one can use happiness as the anchor or core for driving forward productivity without falling too much into the trap of chasing what is material at the expense of happiness or vice versa, because it is possible to live under a bridge and be happy if one simply identifies the 675 theory and lives by it but in the actuall world where we have responsibilities to other people as well it would be irresponsible to abdicate all material pursuits. Your thoughts?

  6. Marco Huiskamp December 29, 2017 at 5:53 am - Reply

    Dear Mr. Gawdat,

    You passed “just like that”, in a program on Dutch TV.
    Your story is my story, but you have gone the way, while I was still looking for a way in which I could use “my story” to help people.

    The short interview, in the program RTL late night, immediately made me decide to purchase your book. I read this book in a few days and I have not only read about Ali and the formula for happiness, I also read about my daughter Monica and son Maarten. Your words, both spoken and written, are mine.
    I want to “use” what has happened to me to help others. That a happy life is possible, even after the forced farewell.

    My story; On March 26, 1992 my daughter Monica was born, but my wife and I were suddenly confronted with her death on 01 april 1997. After a period of grief and sadness, our son Maarten was born on 30 April 1996, Maarten became ill after a few days and died on 24 May.
    Now, so many years later, I finally “created” the peace and happiness. Happiness has been in me all this time, just for the taking. I have not (want to) see it all those years.
    I have let myself suffer all those years.

    Until 2 years ago the revelation occurred. The happiness formula!

    If you ever visit the Netherlands again, I would like to meet you.

    With love,
    Marco Huiskamp

  7. Kris Kozak December 28, 2017 at 3:57 am - Reply

    Dear Mo,

    I deeply appreciate what you are doing, and can relate to your story. I lost my daughter just before her 18th birthday. 4 year later, after the years of grief and suffering, I’ve experienced what it’s commonly known as an enlightenment, or the awakening. Or, to put in simply words that came to me at the time: Everything that I believed to be true, turned out to be a lie. That was in 2006. Ever since I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery… or to be more precise… the journey of making sense of the experience I’ve had, and how to live an earthly life with that knowing.
    And it is almost funny that the teacher you so highly respect, Eckhart Tolle, was the very man whose lectures I’ve happened to come across saved me from dismissing my experiences as “hallucinations” and declaring myself as probably “insane” :)))
    Anyway,… I’m impressed with your grasp of things, and with your work of bringing this understanding to the mainstream.
    If I may offer a few suggestions beyond Eckhart Tolle:
    1. Byron Katie and her WORK. Endorsed by Eckhart Tolle as a practical approach to his teachings.
    2. Rupert Spira… who in my personal opinion, is the clearest, most concise “spiritual teacher” right now on the planet.

    With Love and Gratitude


    And the non-dualistic teache

  8. Margot Stokvis December 25, 2017 at 5:35 pm - Reply

    Dear Mo, I like to suggest a subtitle: a great push to make you grow as a human being. Thks so much for writing it and make us all profit from your ” enormous bucket of collected knowledge”.

  9. AM December 22, 2017 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    Hi Mo. I enjoyed reading your book very much. But there’s something I’d like to mention regarding the intelligent design discussion, something that I’m struggling with myself for quite some time now though I’m starting to lean on the existence of one. I get the argument of throwing letters up in the air and receiving a copy of the War and Peace down here. I just don’t think this is the right argument for one reason – you’re considering the probability of receiving an end product of your own choice, right? The war and peace book in this case, or whatever title. I believe this is wrong. The evolution didn’t progress with an end product in mind, right? It was ‘whatever…whenever’. Plus, not the whole book was written in one day- every new chapter built on the previous, right? Where am I wrong?

  10. V. Grun December 20, 2017 at 6:45 am - Reply

    Dear Mo, generally I agree to your shared way to find happiness. There’s one thing I feel completely different by myself: whenever I am happy, my mind is exploding and the contrary of being quiet.
    The first time I could ever feel that and from then on define happiness to myself has been ten years ago. After two years staying in hospital with my toddler daughter suffering from a tumor in her spine, after months of chemotherapy and surgeries, I could take her once outside in the hospital‘s garden. I held her in my arms, and my bare feet were touching the warm and humid grass – and I felt so overwhelmingly happy, that my mind was giving me fireworks.
    So I feel yes, you can work for your happiness, but the best feeling is to be overwhelmed by it, by the perfect moment dancing in your mind, in your soul. And never forget that this can also happen when sorrow is everywhere in you.
    Best regards

  11. Moris December 19, 2017 at 1:27 am - Reply

    Dear Mo
    I have just listened to your Interview (Lewis Howes) and am deeply impressed!
    I have read, listened and watched many things about happiness so far,
    yet I have rarely come across anybody who could phrase it all so well.
    Thank you very much for this contribution!

  12. Georgiann Chapman December 16, 2017 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    Hello Mo, i was lucky to see your posting on channel 4. I believe in everything you said and have written a fable that I would love to see in every home and school. It is everything you talk about. i would love to share it with you. The UN has an interest in it as a Pathway To Peace. Thank you, Georgie

  13. Michael Sälzer December 10, 2017 at 11:50 am - Reply

    Dear Mo, yesterday I bought your book. Today I only read the amazing introduction; the 14 pages are so exiting and interesting. I am looking forward to read your book at X-mas holidays. Like you I am very interesting in learning and reading. I suppose your book is one of the most important books in my personal life. I would buy two books for my sons Morten (20) and Mads (17). They will learn your lessons and the wonderful character from Ali! Of course I will buy a book for my wonderful wife Merete (51), who is dreaming about opening her little danish bakery in Germany. I will buy your book for my sister Petra, who is still suffering from our Dad`s death five years ago. Finally I will buy a book to my colleague Jörg, who lost his 20 year old son after suicide in this summer.
    I am (52) the luckiest man on earth: I have a wonderful family, I love my job as a wealth manager at Deutsche Bank and are fascinated about finance, politics, history and management literature. I like sports and travelling (Scandinavium, espacially Danmark – my wife`s home country, New England and Michigan).
    Here is one recommandation for your Happiness research: the danisch movement is called “Hygge”, as you know the danes are among the luckiest people in the world…
    Sorry for my my bad english; I read that you speak german. After reading your book I will give you a feedback in german. I have to take a very important decision at January, concerning my job at Deutsche Bank. So I will learn from your existing book and will take my decision after reading this wonderful book… Thank you so much in advance, Mo! Thank your for your Moonshot for ALI! Best wishes from Cologne, Germany. With your book, this time will be a very special X-MAS

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