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The Mission

This book is my attempt to fulfill the task assigned to me by my happiness idol, my wonderful son, Ali.

My hope is that by sharing his message—his peaceful way of living—I may be able to honor his memory and continue his legacy. I tried to imagine the positive impact spreading this message could create, and I realized that maybe it is not for nothing that I have a high-profile job with global reach. So I took on an ambitious mission: To help one billion people become happier, a movement (#onebillionhappy) that I ask you to join so that together we can create a small-scale global pandemic of Ali-style joy.



”A powerful personal story woven with a rich analysis of what we all seek in a way we can act upon”

Sergey Brin, Cofounder of Google

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The Author

Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat is the chief business officer of Google [X] and author of “Solve for Happy: Engineering Your Path to Joy” (2017). Through his 12 year research on the topic of happiness, he created an algorithm and a repeatable well engineered model to reach a state of uninterrupted happiness regardless of the circumstances of life. Mo’s happiness model proved highly effective. And, in 2014, was put to the ultimate test when Mo lost his son Ali to preventable medical error during a simple surgical procedure. Solve For Happy is the pillar for a mission Mo has committed to as his personal moonshot, a mission to deliver his happiness message to one billion people around the world.