Mo Gawdat: the happiness engineer

L’express, France

April 3, 2018

Mo Gawdat is neither a Buddhist monk nor a philosopher, but an engineer, and yet he has made happiness his workhorse. This cador of robotics and artificial intelligence completed his career at tech giants, from Ibm to Microsoft to Google where he had to find that, despite the power and money, he would always run after an inaccessible happiness. For 9 years, this scientist has worked on the mathematical equation of happiness and finally developed his magic formula. In a world bestseller who has just been released in France, he tells how he found this formula and how it allowed him to survive the brutal disappearance of his son Ali at the age of 21 years.

Mo Gadwat has just resigned from Google to focus on his new mission: to become the proselyte of happiness and to convince a billion humans.


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