Your happiness depends on you

Trip magazine, Brazil

June 26, 2019



Engineer Mo Gawdat lost his son Ali, 21, after an appendix withdrawal surgery in 2014 for a medical error. To deal with this pain, Mo thoroughly researched the theme of “happiness” and created a formula to help people eliminate the sorrow of their lives. In 2017, three years after his son’s death, he launched The Formula of Happiness, translated this year into Portuguese. For him, happiness is a choice. “It’s like gymnastics. If you do not decide to become fitness, there is no way possible, “he tells Trip.

Interest in the subject began even before his son left. Born and raised in Egypt, Mo came from a family with few resources and outperformed statistics by becoming business director of Google X, the area of ​​disruptive creations of the company. Still, she felt deeply unhappy. “The more successful I became, the more unhappy I felt,” he says. At the time, with the help of his son, he began researching the subject and developed a technique that, according to him, consists of analyzing the facts objectively, eliminating negative expectations and thoughts. In the book he teaches us to dispel six illusions that hinder the clarity of our thinking about facts, list seven blind spots in the brain, and point us to five focus points that will help us access happiness: now, change, love, the reality of death and his project, which, for him, is life.


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